Senate Assembly

The Senate Assembly is a diverse multi-disciplinary professional collective providing the Senate Council with access to experts with a wide range of experience and ability from across the South West. Membership will encompass the ‘pre-conception to death’ spectrum of care across all health and social care settings. Members will be expected to decouple institutional obligations from their advisory role on the Senate. In order to be effective and credible the Assembly membership will be geographically representative, multi-professional and span a variety of different organisation types. The Senate work plan will inevitably require it to seek advice and views from individuals who are not assembly members. In doing so, it will ensure appropriate stakeholder consultation including where appropriate, the views of Royal Colleges and other professional organisations.

Senate Council membership will be drawn from the Senate Assembly. Senate Assembly members not on the Council will not usually attend Senate Council meetings unless they are presenting evidence.

The key function of the Senate Assembly is to;

  • Provide evidence on questions being addressed by the Council
  • Provide wide ranging knowledge and expertise the Senate Council can draw on
  • Champion the role of the Clinical Senate
  • Help to set the annual work plan for the Senate Council and propose potential topics and or/questions that commissioners may wish to put forward
  • Agree the selection process of members to the Senate Council

The Senate Assembly will convene at least once a year. This event will cover issues including future priorities as well as offering continuing profession development opportunities.

How to get involved

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Clinical Senate Assembly click here